TUC March For The Alternative (26th March, London)

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For full information as to why the march was happening, how the cuts are harmful and unevenly distributed and how they are more likely to damage the economy than save it, look here:



The march was peaceful, joyful and enormous. I have no idea how many people attended, certainly it seemed that there was an impossible number, it felt that the whole of London had been taken over. There was a fantastic variety of people too: families, OAPs, students and anarchists all walking together.

There was an incredible amount of noise and jollity on the march, people blew whistles, banged drums, a massive stereo was propelled through the streets by cyslists, even the police were smiling.

When we passed through Picadilly mid afternoon, there was already some damage done to buildings. The attacks were very focussed, on Star Bucks rather than Pret a Manger and done by groups very obviously separate to the main march.

The Con/Dem Nation

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