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The Real Changes to Housing Benefit

In Autumn 2010, the newspapers were full of stories about a new cap on Housing Benefit (HB), we were told that from now on no one would be given more than £400 pounds a week to spend on rent. The … Continue reading

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TUC March For The Alternative (26th March, London)

Click on pictures to enlarge. For full information as to why the march was happening, how the cuts are harmful and unevenly distributed and how they are more likely to damage the economy than save it, look here: reading

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Are we solving the UK Debt Crisis?

I started researching a blog about the current recession in the UK, wanting to understand whether we really had a debt crisis and whether carrying out massive cuts to public spending was the best way of dealing with it. Then … Continue reading

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Do We Allow Power to Corrupt?

Earlier this year Joris Lammers published a paper Through five compelling experiments, Lammers has shown that powerful people are more likely to behave immorally but paradoxically less likely to tolerate immorality in other people. Even thinking about the feeling of … Continue reading

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What Has Happened to Welfare?

In October 2008 the labour government introduced a new system of benefits for the sick and disabled called Employment Support Allowance (ESA). The system was designed to tackle the ‘dependency culture’ by weeding out the huge numbers of people they … Continue reading

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